A Natural Glow Up


Happy Friday! wohoo! Starting off the week in a very positive place!

Today I really wanted to talk about skincare especially with this bi polar weather in Cali.

My skin is always extremely dry and I was on a hunt for an amazing , natural, glow tonic, and maybe a skin firming oil. This is one of my holy grail products, the oil is extremely thin and gets soaked up by your skin! I have very dry skin and combination skin . One of my daily regimens at home is rose water. It is an amazing glow tonic, if your going for that natural vibrant glow. I also always aim for cruelty free, and organic which is everything this brand is!


This brand is named “Athanasia” , I will link there website down below. I grabbed there face mist which is an awesome new product , with a divine scent to it! I normally get there drops elixir , which helps smooth out my wrinkles as well as prep my face and give it that natural skin glow even when I put on my makeup on! Ive even mixed it in with my usual foundation and it glides on so smoothly without drying patches! I’m sure we’ve all have had that issue before!



Also, sidetone this would make an amazing Christmas gift! I will be working on a Christmas gift guide super excited to post that next!




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