12 Things….


Hey guys,


I know I haven’t blogged much.Trust me, I am working on it. Soon, I will be blogging twice every week and reinventing my entire blog. As for now I wanted to do a 12 random things. I have no idea if this a trend but I thought this would be a fun post! Hope you all enjoy! xx


me 9

  1. I was suppose to travel this month but with everything thats happened lately we thought it would be safer to stay!
  2. I had no idea what pack anyways, Since it would’ve been my first time flying out! 
  3. I found this amazing pink wall, by my house and took those RANDOM pictures!Im thinking a Friday favorites every friday? hmm

     4. Ive been obsessed with VANS, and that edgy punk hipster look they have,  as you can see its now showing in my style ! lol

me 7

5.  Its hard juggling work and your personal time! oh and being married!

6. Today marks the day of my 1 year anniversary!

7. My favorite color is pink and literally I am OBSESSED with this wall….

8. Being 21 isn’t easy, Looking forward to being 22 , thanks to Taylor swift !

9.  Our room has only one window…and it is still COLD! 

10. I cut my hair short, I LOVE IT, It so much easier to just wake up and just brush it down!

11. I decided to stop editing my pictures so much to kind of show off the realness is my blog especially because this is an honest post.. duh

12. Tonight I am picking my outfits to take pictures to get ready for my next blog post on Friday! #FRIDAYFAVES

me 4



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Hi guys , thank you for reading my blog ! I am a 21 year old youtuber & blogger, oh and cali girl .Make sure to follow my blog and youtube vlogs to catch up on my life! In my blog you will be learning about fashion, my love for food, as well as my beauty go to's oh & my of course my lifestyle!

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